Saturday, 1 October 2022

 We're visiting our spiritual home in Brighton on Saturday 29th October - yes, the Prince Albert on Trafalgar Street just by Brighton Station and gateway to the infamous North Laine area.

Back in the day, we ran our Cabal Cabaret events from the Albert, used it for a photoshoot and prior to the upstairs being refitted as a venue bar, it even provided lodgings for our original keyboard player!

Brighton's ace promoters Real Music Club take it over for the 29th and we play on a great bill featuring full-on spacerock vibes of the legendary Space Falcons (Nik Turner/Youth) and the acoustic cosmic balladry of the amazing Tim Hawthorn all the way from Glastonbury.  

Sunday, 20 February 2022



Watch our full live performance at Visual Radio Arts in Devizes from Monday 28th February here:

Featuring the full band line-up with guests Tim Hawthorn (Anarchetypes) on vocals, Gregg McKella (Paradise 9, Glissando Guitar Orchestra) on American tin clarinet and Tony TwoDogs (Dreamcatcher) on djembe and vocals...

..."on this 'Bus you don't need no fare..."

Sunday, 30 January 2022

New mixes for free download


To start off 2022 in  a positive style, we're offering mixes of our new track "Dub Liberty" for free download!
There are already three mixes available, with more to be added regularly!

Dive in!

Thursday, 11 November 2021

Return To Reason cassette reviewed in The Wire


Byron Coley reviews our Lockdown album "Return To Reason" in his Size matters column in the December 2021 issue of The Wire magazine - page 65.

"...This cassette displays an interesting handle on live electronics with a definite psychedelic edge.  It comes across as a mix of early 60s electronic music, post-form stonerism and a smidgen of Gong."

A few copies of the cassette left, or download, from here: 

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

NOH YOGAH out now!!!

Release date:  10th August 2021

Fresh from their first live performance since the beginning of the pandemic at KozFest in Devon, UK this summer, RUBBER BUS announce the release of Noh Yogah, their first full length album since a recent run of EPs, a lathe cut 7” and their vintage “lost” album Take It Easy.

A mix of dub, space rock and ambient, the reformed RUBBER BUS present brand new material seasoned with a dash of unreleased archive material from the original 1990s line-up. 

Recent material has been playlisted by Steve Barker’s On The Wire show on BBC Radio Lancashire, The Wirebender on Berlin’s Radio On, Michael Hodges’ Temple Of Shadows and The Kev Ellis Show.  RUBBER BUS have remixed material by MOTA and Kaleidophon, and curate the Dulcet Business News compilations on The Slightly Off Kilter Label.

“…a punky-reggae episode of strident chaos…”

 – Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector

“The band create a mellow, blunted atmosphere well suited to chillout rooms at 4am…”

– Jon Maple

“You know what they say about the line between madness and genius, and certain tracks… have a passing acquaintance with genius.  They’re not at loggerheads with madness either, come to think of it…”

 – George Berger (author of Let’s Submerge – Writings From The Punk Rock Underground, The Story Of CRASS and Dance Before The Storm: Official Story Of The Levellers)